Hey there!

As you know, we at Nucleus are tirelessly innovating to create a command center platform for ALL your operations needs. Here's a quick snapshot of our biggest features that debuted in April!

 1. Email Builder

Our drag-and-drop email builder has been upgraded! Now, more than ever, you can create customized email campaigns. Add videos, menus, HTML, banners, mobile formatting, and so much more! These new functions and details will certainly boost your subscriber engagement.

2. Sign-up Alerts for events

Events are pinnacle moments for many campaigns and organizations, so we wanted to ensure your staff is always in the know. We have added alerts to our events settings to notify specified personnel about event sign-ups. Add alerts for general, VIP, or media sign-ups, and never miss a sign-alert again!

3. Spam Score

We know email marketing can be tricky, and we want you to have all the tools at your disposal. That's why we have created a new 'Spam Score' feature in email. After creating your email, go to the review page to see how your email scores and better help monitor your copy and subject lines.

 4. Domain set up

Domains are vital to your Nucleus account's functionality and can be challenging to understand. We have added set-up steps under domains for step-by-step instructions on setting up your domain in Nucleus. Fast and Simple!

Stay tuned for next month's exciting updates!

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