By Julia, Deliverability Expert

At Nucleus, we understand that it can be hard to put a schedule on hard-hitting news. But, did you know that utilizing consistency in your email practices can actually help to improve your sender reputation?

The WHY:

By remaining uniform in certain areas of your email sending, you allow yourself to become more recognizable to both the recipients & the server. This makes it much more likely for recipients to remain engaged in your email content.

The HOW:

Some ways we can apply this method are as follows:

  • Creating (when possible) a schedule of sending
    • For example: sending a newsletter every Thursday at 12pm
  • Consistent senders for any and all sends
    • For example: always sending newsletters from Julia from the Email Team <[email protected]>
  • Use of branding
    • For example: keeping your design, layout, & logo consistent in all newsletters

We recognize the need for testing when it comes to deciding the most effective routes to be taken. We encourage utilizing the Nucleus features to determine to most sends times/days, senders, & branding or layouts that your recipients respond to most positively.

Within the Nucleus platform, you can see the engagement statistics yielded by all senders in addition to being able to see the engagement statistics on an individual campaign. Be sure to use this data to have the most success in your email sends.

Below you can see an example of a sender we may want to avoid using vs one that is receiving very good engagement:

Below you can see an example of a campaign that received less engagement vs one that received more:

*This can be indicative of the effectiveness of your send time or brand (in addition to overall content)

For more information regarding how consistency can benefit your campaigns & how to measure success, be sure to contact our team for a training or insight.

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