What went wrong?

Controllable factors edition.

At the end of the day, there are many factors that we cannot predict or control when sending emails to a high volume of recipients – some examples of this includes if a server blocks you or if you land into an inbox or spam-box.

BUT… you can use “context clues” to help identify potential causes and use controllable factors to attempt to resolve.

Once you have sent your email, there are usually 3 statistics we look into to gauge our success: deliverability rate, open rate, click rate.

And the only true way to test how something will perform is to send it.

A low deliverability rate generally means that we have hit a server block & this is a less controllable factor.

This is a good time to reach out to your Campaign Nucleus team to look into ways of resolving and mitigating any blocks.

A low open rate can mean that are delivering to the server but landing more so in spam and promotional inboxes instead of our primary inboxes & this is a less controllable factor.

BUTTTT it can also mean…

Your recipients are not engaged with your subject line & this is a controllable factor.

This is a good time to make sure we are not using any offensive or triggering terms & to try testing a few different subject lines.

If you see some improvement in your open rate with the new subject lines, you can assume that your audience and the servers preferred this subject line to the other.

If our deliverability and open rate look good, we can go a step further & look into our click rate (which generally leads to ultimate conversions) to get a better idea of how our email content is performing. If we are seeing a high open rate followed by low click rates, it is generally indicative of our recipients not being engaged with the content after clicking into the email.

This is a great opportunity to test different copy & marketing techniques in your emails. If our click rate increases when we use other copy, we can assume that our recipients respond better to that type of content & should use it more moving forward to drive better conversions.

Of course, every once in a while, the stars align and we are presented with high deliverability rates, high open rates, and high click rates - & this means you have a very good email on your hands.

While the servers will never truly confirm or deny reasons for blocking your messages and placing them in spam & your recipients will likely not give you advice on marketing to them better, we can use these three statistics to help to send the best and most effective emails to our recipient list.

For more information regarding how to best understand the email statistics our platform offers, be sure to contact our team!

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