It may seem surprising to some, but social media is rapidly evolving into the marketing battleground of the future. Yet, this burgeoning landscape can be challenging to traverse, and you might feel uncertain about why you should embark on this new venture. Here are some stats as to why you might want to shift your focus to social and influencer marketing. Over 4 BILLION people globally use social media; this makes up 59.9% of the global population and 92.7% of all internet users. 

That's a BIG audience to be able to reach! Within Social media are influencer campaigns that greatly refine your message or product to eager and highly engaged audiences. The average Infliucer campaign has an engagement rate of 4.2%, which is higher than traditional marketing or advertising. Products and messages pushed by real individuals/influencers are 60% more trusted by viewers, leading to more sales. In fact, 87% of consumers have reported that an influencer's recommendation has influenced their purchasing decisions. Social and influencer marketing is also incredible for improving your audience engagement and brand awareness, creating more loyal and interested supporters. So you heard the WHY but still need the HOW to get started with this avenue. Here is our advice to you!

As most of you know, we pride ourselves on giving you and your team an all-in-one platform for all your wants and needs and ensuring you have the resources, operations, and knowledge to grow outside our platform. That's why we have partnered with an influencer management agency and platform with 2.5 billion aggregated followers used by brands, campaigns, and organizations to help reach their targeted audiences and increase their reach and visibility. To help better connect you to these opportunities, we have created a portal in your Nucleus account called 'Promote' to connect you with this partner so you can explore your options! Fill out the form outlining your goals, interests, campaign details, and more to get in touch with a representative to help create the perfect influencer plan for you. See what influencer marketing can do for you!

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