By Julia, Deliverability Expert

Just kidding… but if you aren’t annoyed by those graphics & sentences, I can 100% ensure that your recipients and the servers are!

Let’s review what went wrong here…

  1. Lots of strange fonts
  2. Overuse of font colors, bolding, underlining, & italics
  3. Over-promising
  4. Too many graphics
  5. TYPOS

Email servers respond incredibly poorly to the majority of marketing techniques used in the example above.

When it comes to our marketing emails, we really want to avoid being overly obnoxious. This can be done when we:

  • Attach too many files or pictures to an email
  • Use illegible fonts & text colors
  • Have ANY typos
  • Make promises we cannot keep (i.e: “100% guarantee,” “never again,” etc.)

At Nucleus, we understand that we want to catch our viewers’ attention with our emails…

we just have to make sure we make it into the inbox first!

For more information regarding proper content-creation practices, be sure to get a demo or for training contact your account manager.