By Julia, Deliverability Expert

I bet you didn’t know this but the Unsubscribe button (that we strongly encourage placing in all of your email campaigns) is actually a blessing.

“But why would I want to allow people the option to remove themselves from my subscription list,” you ask?

Well, in the simplest terms, when it comes to your recipient list, you should focus you attention to: QUALITY > QUANTITY!

Let’s dive into the WHY a bit…

  1. We are legally required to give people the option to remove their email from our recipients list & if/when done, we are required to accommodate the request.

The requirements and penalties of this law are further elaborated on in the

CAN-SPAM Act, which is enforces by the Federal Trade Commission.

  1. “Harassing” uninterested parties often leads to an increase in spam complaints to email server providers (which often leads to blocks and issues with deliverability)

In short, continuing to email people who wish to be unsubscribed can actually

cause you to have issues emailing those who DO wish to receive your content.

  1. It is a waste of your time & money

The ultimate point of sending an email should be to achieve a goal – whether it

be to acquire support or a donation, you are trying to accomplish something with

our message. If someone definitely does not support our mission, by not

giving them the option to unsubscribe, you are wasting your efforts

by continuing to contact them. In addition, sending emails costs money –

so we are wasting that, too.

I hope the above information was able to help you better rationalize the need for an unsubscribe link in any and all emails that you send. It can be frustrating to encounter a recipient that does not consider your cause as valuable as you and your other subscribers do, but by removing them from your list, you are actually benefitting your movement even more.

For more information regarding the unsubscribe link and how it benefits your email campaigns, be sure to contact our team for a training or insight.