By Julia, Deliverability Expert


How to clean your recipient list without doing ANYTHING…

Have you ever wanted to send out routine emails without going through the trouble of setting up a whole new email and the appropriate recipient audience over & over & over again?

Well… you may have heard of Nucleus’ fun new automation series feature & this may just be the answer you’ve been looking for!

This feature allows you to select a trigger & design a whole series of emails that recipients who fall in that triggers category will receive.

Currently, some triggers we have available within Nucleus and their uses are:

  • When a user subscribes
    • This trigger allows us to routinely email new subscribers to our lists
  • When a user has opened an email
    • This trigger allows us to re-engage with users who have recently engaged with another email

Some more triggers include:

If a profile has a tag

If a user is on a list

If email is clicked

If email is converted

Signed up for an event

When an event ends


Form signups

Now, I want to take some time to discuss 2 automation series that can help to improve your deliverability if used properly.

Before we jump in, I want to reiterate the importance of QUALITY > QUANTITY when it comes to our recipient email lists. Automation series’ can help us to unsubscribe unengaged or expired emails & it is key to remember that this is an advantage and not a weakness; recipients who do not engage with your emails are a waste of money and can actually hurt your deliverability.

Anyways, the two most important series you can utilize within your email marketing techniques is:

  1. Welcome Series
  2. Re-engagement Series

These 2 types of series offer very different and irreplaceable value to your marketing endeavors. Let’s review some of the functionality that they provide.

A welcome series should be used to introduce “yourself” & your mission. This is a time for you to confirm that someone intended to subscribe to your list. If they didn’t mean to, this gives them time to unsubscribe rather than complain to email serves about your messages later. This is also a great time to locate recipient interests and pre-empt them on what type of content they will be receiving & how often.

A re-engagement series should be used to locate your disinterested and expired subscriber emails. People’s interests change & so do their emails. For these reasons, it is important to check in from time to time with your less engaged emails. In many cases, people will set a series of emails that recipients who have not opened or clicked an email in a certain amount of days will go through. I usually recommend 180 days, but that can be made a longer or shorter period of time, depending on what you and your marketing team think is best.

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