By Julia, Deliverability Expert

Have you ever been put in a situation where you were at an event with some of the most sensitive people in the

world & you are just trying to get through the night without offending anyone in your conversational


Literally, I hope you haven’t. BUT figuratively… this is actually a pretty good representation of your situation when you are sending emails to recipients and their affiliated servers.

Not only are the servers sensitive, but they are also all sensitive to different topics. For example, Google may hate talking about people dying, while Verizon may hate the mention of “BIG Tech.” It gets tricky to avoid offending ALL the servers. If your recipient list contains recipients from all email servers, you do not have to avoid offending one server but rather ALL the servers. 

Unless you’re “on the inside” & working with a server, it would be impossible to know and identify all the possible spam triggers in your copy and subject lines. 

Before you panic, there are a couple of tricks we can use to prevent the overuse of triggering phrases and words.

1. Almost EVERY server hates the act of “overpromising”

a. Avoid phrases like “100% guarantee” or “We promise you WILL NOT regret this!”

2. Do not be afraid to try the “nicer route”

a. This means using wording or phrases that implies a nicer connotation

i. For example, “passed away” sounds way better than “died tragically”

ii. “Weaponization” sounds a bit worse than “armed” or maybe “fortified”

One major point to be aware of is that the servers do not go through and read every email; instead, they have features in place set to look for triggering phrases and words. All this means is that, with a bit of creativity, we can avoid the brunt of censorship within these servers.

When you are choosing your subject line & content for emails, be sure to keep these tips in mind. While we are against the idea of censoring the important information that you are sharing, our email servers do not always feel the same. It isn’t fair, but until it is in our control, we will continue to work toward fully canceling the cancel culture.Please join us in achieving this goal!

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