Segments & the importance of ALWAYS being selective

Nucleus has been uniquely designed to help you gather data that will specifically help you to best manage your campaign & affiliated goals. By utilizing our tools and features properly, you will be able to reach your most valuable supporters in the most efficient manner.

With that in mind, I would like to take some time to review the usefulness in one of CN’s oldest & most useful features: Segments.

Our system compiles the data you have provided upon initial setup of your account & any additional information we have been able to collect, through recipient engagement patterns & landing page responses. From here, you have the decision as to whether or not you’d like to apply this information. This is where segments come into play…

Segments allow us to reach our desired demographic, location, and biggest supporters with ease.

Let’s discuss how…

If you are planning on hosting an event in a specific region, does it make sense to send invitations to residents who live hours away? Not really.

If you are holding a public speech for a candidate in New Jersey, would you ask residents of California to attend? Definitely not.

Our segment feature allows you to create an audience of one (or more) select state(s) & it even allows you to limit your audience range to a specific zip code or radius. See below for some examples:

If you could choose between sending to people who have been known to engage with your emails instead of people who never open your messages, would you? I’d imagine so.

If you are sending out a message requesting financial support, would you rather reach out to emails who have previously donated or emails who have never done so? You see where I’m going with this…

Our segment feature allows you to create an audience based off of user commitment by tracking email engagement, campaign activity, and previous donations

Some examples below:

And these are just SOME of the use cases for our segment builder. I encourage all Campaign Nucleus users to get to know this tool and all of the amazing things it can do!

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